As part of its mission, ESDA aims to develop guidelines for the clinical management, diagnosis, treatment and control of animal dirofilariosis and angiostrongylosis to be used by veterinary practioners across Europe. Furthermore, guideliens for human physicians on how to recognize and treat human dirofilarisois will contribute to the safety of the public and preserve the bond between pets and people.


The main website at includes the ESDA guidelines, news items, information on parasites species, tutorials for a correct diagnosis and treatment and contact information. This site is initially set up for veterinary professionals and physicians but will also contain useful information for pet owners tourists travelling around Europe alone or with their pets. Such contents will extend the target audience of the main website.

The 2017 Guidelines New Guidelines on Dirofilaria immitis infection in dogs, Dirofilaria repens infection in dogs, cats and humans, and Canine Angiostrongylosis have been prepared. These will be followed in the near future by Guidelines on Feline Heartworm disease and Canine Angiostrongylosis.

Meetings and workshops

ESDA has organized five biannual meetings in: Vienna (2016), Budapest (2014), Parma (2012), Salamanca (2010) and Zagreb (2008).

This year, ESDA organized a Clinical workshop within the SCIVAC International Congress in Rimini (Italy) on May 28th 2017.

In 2018 July the Sixth biannual Dirofilaria and Angiostrongylus day will be held in Belgrade, Serbia.

At least one clinical workshop within the program of a National Society of Companion animal Veterinary Medicine is also foreseen in 2018.